Open Question: Right to party v. right to

March 10, 2009

Open Question: Right to party v. right to sleep. Advice?
This is long, but I need advice!! I am currently living with my fiance’s family for the next two months before we get married to save money for a down payment on a house. His older sister (21) has turned out to be a totally inconsiderate and selfish person. She insists on having parties until the wee hours of the morning and when we ask them to quiet down at 1 or 2am (after laying in bed for 3 hours trying to sleep), they act like we’re crazy and have no right to ask that of them. The parents are never home on the weekends, as they escape to their cabin every friday and are staying out of the situation hoping that we can solve it on our own. Here are her points/arguements: 1. She is a 21 year old college student and has the “right to party”. She even told her parents she would be having people over, therefore “has permission”. 2. Its saturday night and its not like we have anywhere to go tomorrow like school or work. 3. “We’ve been trying to be quiet”(music loud enough to hear through about 2 walls, loud laughter and talking in the room next door, watching a short funny film with the volume up so high they couldn’t even hear themselves talk over it. I call BS) 4. Blah Blah Blah… i won’t bore you with the rest. My points I tried to get across: 1. I work nights except for sat and sun night. I would like to sleep like a normal person on my nights off and make the best of my days off to go do things during daylight hours. AKA plan my wedding and clean her house, which is my payment for living there. 2. Yes, we also like to party on occasion and are not telling her NOT TO PARTY! We are only asking for a little respect and for them to start quieting down by 1 or 2am. 3. We have a right, as contributing members of the household, to sleep when we choose not to join the party. 4. In the real world, your “right to party” is limited to when you infringe on the rights of others to have peace and quiet. Its about time to start to realize that and learn to be a responsible citizen. 5. There are other places to party other then your parent’s house. You have plenty of other adult friends that I’m sure have homes you can go to. 6. If we even dared to play music, watch tv, vaccuum or do anything that makes noise while they are all passed the next morning until 2pm, God help our soul. I really want to figure this out and reach some sort of comprimise. I hate being at odds with the people I live with and it has put a huge strain on the family. Has anyone else been in the same situation? Any advice?

Open Question: Possibly 2-3 weeks pregnant?
Unprotected Sex Dates: February 28th, March 1st and March 6th. Ovulating: March 4th-9th. Todays Date: March 10th. Anyways i know that if i am pregnant, im not suppose to get sypmtoms until like my 4th-5th week but i feel like i have kinda like period cramps? or sometimes its just on 1 side. this just started yesterday, so i dont know if i am still ovulating? or what..and i feel nauseated. this started yesterday also. my period doesnt come until March 21st, so i will test on March 17th. a week from today. but is this all in my head? or can i really be having like cramps, being nauseated, minor back pain? and im always tired, (even if im not pregnant) so i cant really tell. but i have been going to bed about 4 hours earlier. please dont just tell me “oh yes your pregnant!” just becuase you think itll make me happy. i just want honesty. preferably from expeirenced mothers/pregnant girls 🙂 and when i say nauseated, i dont mean throwing up, i just feel queasy and like i might have to, but i know i wont.

Open Question: do you keep a light on when ur child ……….?
goes to bed or do u leave them in complete darkness? just wondering because I have tried both and my son still doesn’t sleep through, he is nearly a year old. Did any of you change your routine or anything which made your child sleep better? your experiences please………. i already do the bath, bottle thing

Open Question: Is it weird that all I want to do is lay in bed and hold my dog?
Does that make me depressed.. or just creepy? I said I WANT to lay in bed, not I AM laying in bed.. big difference.


Open Question: Is my friend being normal? the

March 9, 2009

Open Question: Is my friend being normal?
the other night my best friend slept at mine (were both girls) and we were layed on the bed watching this love film (we were alone) and then there was this love scene so we were both layed there watching this love scene when she said “i wonder if they are actually kissing” so i said “no its just acting” then she asked me if we wanted to try it so i said fine then but not too far. the next thing she was full on kissing me with her tongue and rubbing my breasts slowly and sliding her hand down to my bottom half and rubbing my vagina, i tried to push her off but nothing was working.. then all i remember was waking up in my pants and bra! i dont know wether she was experimenting or a lesbian but im confused.( by the way that was the first time for both of us) help me, is my friend being normal?

Open Question: Myomectomy – Is My Recovery Slow?

March 8, 2009

Open Question: Myomectomy – Is My Recovery Slow?
I had my Laporotomy Myomectomy on the 13th Jan and still feel rather sore in my lower abdomen. Sometimes of an evening in bed if I take a deep breath I feel a lot of discomfort and also if I stretch out my legs sometimes. I am a little concerned as it is today March 8th. I had over 30 fibroids removed and my uterus was practically the size of a full term pregnancy. My incision has been weeping from 2 tiny wounds which gets cleaned and dressed twice a week.

Open Question: Whats your worst experience of sharing a bed with someone?
my ex girlfriend use to shout in her sleep when she had a nightmare, what r other peoples experiences? it can be snoring/sleep talking/fighting for the covers anything.

Open Question: POLL: You wake up tied on a bed with these people what would you do?

Open Question: couples do u and your partner go to bed at the samee time?

Open Question: How do I get him to want me?
i am a married woman. and i was waiting to know if anyone knows the best why to get your man to want you and just take control with everything in bed? and hw do you tell him that you need him now.besides saying that.

Open Question: Brass Bed base disguise?
Hi, I’ve got a brass bed and have been using a valance under the mattress to cover up the metal bars under the mattress. The bed is cream but the “workings” bit under the mattress is black which is a bit daft and looks untidy – how can I hide it without resorting to a valance

Open Question: Dreams of someone dying?
Two nights ago I dreamt of my cousin dying. We went to his hospital room, and when we got in, it suddenly was my lil sister who was in the hospital bed. She was giving me this smile as if she were ready to leave and I kept telling her to hold on. It worried me so much I woke up crying lol. Next night I dreamt of the same thing, and she still gave me that same heartbreaking look and I said the same things. It really scares me, I love my sister so much and these kind of dreams worry me a lot. They said that dreams of dying actually means the opposite which is life. But I’m still worried so can someone tell me if I’m just overreacting lol. Ty 🙂

Open Question: I keep having really weird dreams. How come?
I havnt eaten before bed, woken up and then gone to sleep(that normally causes dreams for me) or anything like that. Its been happening for about 2 weeks now. i have a dream EVERY STINKIN NIGHT!!!! there all weird to, and i just wanna know how come, or how i can get them to stop.

Open Question: Do you think I have mono?

March 7, 2009

Open Question: Do you think I have mono? symptoms…?
I’m 17 & I’ve been constantly tired for the past 2 weeks (going to bed at 9 pm, waking up at 7am, and then nearly falling asleep at 12pm) , and yesterday I got a sore throat which I still have now, this morning my eyes were a little puffy, and my nose is either runny or blocked. I’ve also been getting headaches like everyday. A friend suggested that I might have mono, but I just want another opinion before I see a doctor. I just don’t have any energy, woke up about an hour ago and already feel like going back to sleep.

Open Question: Have your children been affected by the disappearance of Madeleine McCann?
I ask because my brother said his daughters (6 and 8) have expressed fear when going to bed at night. Apparently the father of a friend of the youngest, was attacked by a burglar and his daughter (and school friends) believe her father was trying to prevent the burglar from trying to abduct her. As children many of us feared monsters under the bed, which was an unrealistic fear. But it seems the monsters have been replaced by real life abductors. Have your young children expressed similar anxieties?

Open Question: Getting a Hamster, what i need and what type.?
Ok well im getting a hamster and i need to know what to get. I want want which is active and not sleepy all the time. I dont want the big ones but close to the dwarf hamsters. Also i basically need to know what to get for bedding that will stink the least, same with hamster. Also wich is better a 10 gallon or one of the metal or plastic cages? Which is easier to maintain. Basically i need to know what to get and maybe an estimate would be good to on how much it would cost. Thanks.

Open Question: What is the best way to ask my doctor for sleeping pills?
I do not have insomnia, bur I DO have a lot going on in my life that’s stressing me out and I can’t get a decent night’s sleep. I have tried to create a relaxing environment that is quiet and unstressful, I have tried to do all those things to calm down before bed..But nothing has worked. I have sampled sleeping pills before and they are not addictive, but I would like to get a sleeping pill prescribed to me (preferablu Lunesta, because I felt refreshed afterwards). How can I approach my doctor and ask for them?

Open Question: Medium blue carpet – with….?
Im a young teenager (almost 17) and want to decorate my room. However, I’m stuck with a medium blue carpet and am not allowed to get rid of it. I’m not sure what I can do with this because not many things go with it and I really dont want a blue room because the rest of the house is blue also. I want it to be quite fun, modern and young. Something I can hang out with my friends in and just chill out. Its medium sized and I’m getting a double bed, so that will take up alot of space. I hope to make it look bigger. All ideas welcome! Im stuck for ideas!

Open Question: How can I get my budgies to trust me?
Ive had my Budgies for about 3 weeks now. They live in a fairly small cage when we put them to bed, but during the day we let them out onto a tree we have in the room, which they love. The hard thing is getting them out, they all flee in terror and its hard getting them back in, they again, flee like we are going to murder them. We have it easier with the two younger birds, but the two parents are always terrified. Especially the father bird, we have to have him tire himself out in order to grab him, since he cannot be finger trained cause he is paranoid or something. Is there anything I can do to help get them finger trained faster, or able to trust me?

Open Question: is bed wettingg a disease?
my sister who is 18yrs old sometimes do bed wetting.earlier when she was small she does it daily at night sleep but now sometimes when she is much tired or fully it a disease??suggest .

Open Question: This may sound stupid but.. say I stay up till like 4 in the morning. Bad for me?
This may sound stupid but.. say I stay up till like 4 in the morning. Bad for me? I also tend to get into the pattern then some days I need to wake up at like 9:30 but still dont go to bed till like 4.. this is only like one day a week maybe two. Am I doing damnage?

“Walk this Way” Jacket Open Question: tips on

March 6, 2009

“Walk this Way” Jacket

Open Question: tips on how to get 5 month old to sleep?
It’s not that he doesn’t sleep, because he does, BUT, the ONLY way he will go to sleep is if i rock him to sleep. If you try to just lay him down, even though he’s dead tired, he won’t go to sleep. Another thing, is that no matter what time he goes to bed ( which is usually around 7 pm) but, say we put him to bed at 1 in the morning, he still wakes up at 6:30 then he’s dead tired. any tips on how to get him to sleep longer also?

Open Question: Can you re-attach the sides of a pull up?
I have been throwing them away because my son kept ripping them as he put them on before he went to bed. Now I think I have wasted a million dollars because it appears that they have changed the design to where the sides are now velcro-ish. Am I dreaming? I am talking about he Huggies pull-ups.

Open Question: Something’s wrong with my right eye..?
I went to bed last night and it was perfectly normal. I woke up, like 5 minutes ago, and my right eye lid is swollen and the corner of it hurts when I blink. any ideas??

Open Question: How often do you name your pets after awesome people in your life? I just named my new kitty Watermelon?
and bought her a pink blingin collar. I think I will make her sleep in my bed and cuddle me all the live long day.

Open Question: How do you end a relationship civil with a revengeful woman?
Okay I really need input on this, I have a FRIEND, ahem who is with a woman now just under 1 year and for the last few months it has been progressively getting worst. The strange thing is she does these things, for example if she isnt getting the attention she needs or wants she will throw a tantrum and literally fight. When things are good they are good but when they are bad they are nasty. Whatever causes the fight it could be something as simple as not saying sweetdreams on the phone before going to sleep and for the next 3 hours i have to deal with her all upset and carrying on. Okay here is the point, i have been trying to steer her in the direction that it just is not working out but im now beginning to see what will happen. Well, she has flat out told me that if i stay with her life will be good but if i ‘hurt her’ ( by ending the relationship ) then i will pay and pay bigtime!! Because her uncle is a big shot lawyer and people dont take kindly to woma beaters etc.. i said wtf when did i do that? are you kidding me? yes sure as shit she banged her shin and took a picture and now saying i did that… oh my God, i have never ever touched her, she is the one who admittedly has an anger problem and it usually leads me to having to hold her to push her on the bed to stop her. There is no kinds of police reports or anything like that so what can I do? Ive want to end things civilly because we are just better off as friends the relationship thing just isnt working out. By the way, I have saved a few phone txt messages recently where she admits that she has an anger problem, that she is unstable and when she is hurt she feels the need to inflict the same if not harder pain on the other person. She has already started to slander me to friends because i think as much as she does not want to admit it, she realizes it’s coming to an end and she is preparing to hurt and do anything in her power to gain vengeance. I guess im also to blame because she was that way with her X and she just painted such a horrible picture of him and how he used to beat on her etc i did not see it coming, her fake halo was shining too bright. There is just so much more to this, she has messaged all my X’s and just friends o facebook telling them how she is my woman and i need to leave him alone. Okay here is a great one to give you an idea of what she is doing, yesterday morning she called my sister from her cellphone blocking the number. LUCKILY my sister has an iphone with an application called TrapCall which tells you the number when someoe blocks the call. So my sister called back and she pretended to be someone and asked who it was when my sister told her she freaked out and told her she doesnt know until she realized that my sister picked up on her voice and then greeted her saying that I USED her phone to call her. So what really happened? She looked through my phone the day before and copied a few numbers which included my sister’s, because in her twisted mind i must’ve saved a girl im talking to under my sisters name which is not the case. She blocked her number and called my sister with the intention of catching me red handed. It isnt about another girl… it is just her, i dont love her like that. Can anyone help? Maybe I am just venting but if anyone has any insight from personal experiences please share. So basically to summarize, if i dont stay with her my life will be turned inside out because every one of my friends and family she will contact and tell them things to make them hate me, she will call the police saying i did x y and z to her and who knows what else because she even threatened me once about suing me ( ive never borrowed money or anything like that from her) not to mention every secret of anything we’ve shared will be made public. Help help help – i know this sounds pathetic but it really is that bad, but hey if i stay with her and try to work things out she will give me the world as she puts it.

Open Question: My mother is so unreasonable? We

March 5, 2009

Open Question: My mother is so unreasonable?
We went on holiday to India and I was given an elephant. My mum said he was too big to come with us, but I said he could pack his own trunk and live under my bed. She then hit me round the ear. Do you think she is being unreasonable ? Do you think she should be arrested for , as she calls it ‘ giving me a clip round the ear’ and telling me not to be a smart a***. It is an ordinary size elephant made by a mummy and a daddy elephant. Maybe they would miss it.

Open Question: Bed wetting surgery performed in past – how do i find the clinical term?
At 6 I had a surgery performed in hopes I’d stop bedwetting. THis makes me angry because now we know bed wetting typically you outgrow or you simply sleep too deeply. I guess the 80’s was still the dark ages? Anyway. I had a surgey performed & because I no longer see that doctor (26 yrs ago!) – I have no way of knowing the exact terminology. I’d like to know what was done to my body. I have googled & really didn’t find anything concrete. Is there a site that helps you decipher things like this??

Better Bedding closes 11 stores, including Waterbury and Torrington – Waterbury Republican-American

March 4, 2009

Better Bedding closes 11 stores, including Waterbury and Torrington – Waterbury Republican-American
Better Bedding Shops Inc. closed nearly half of its stores Tuesday, including locations in Torrington and Waterbury, a day after seeking protection from creditors in bankruptcy court. The East Hartford-based mattress and specialty bedding retailer

Dairy Specialist: Deal With Lameness & Mastitis To Save Cows –
BROOKINGS, S.D. — Lameness and mastitis are the two main reasons dairies in the United States lose cows, a South Dakota State University dairy scientist said. SDSU Extension Dairy Specialist Alvaro Garcia said that according to the National Animal

In the garden with Melissa – Abilene Reporter-News
March has arrived and with our recent above-average temperatures, bud break is occurring across the Big Country! For gardeners, the bug has bitten and we want to be outside playing in the dirt. Don’t be in too much of a rush to plant those summer

Going, going, gone: Jewelry firm closes center; Better Bedding shuts – New Haven Register
In an increasingly tough business environment, Finlay Enterprises Inc. will close its Orange distribution center by the end of the year, eliminating all 169 jobs there, and Better Bedding Shops Inc. has closed three Greater New Haven stores as it

HearUSA Appoints Gino Chouinard to COO and Frank Puñal to CFO –
WEST PALM BEACH – The board of directors of HearUSA , the recognized leader in hearing care for the nation’s top managed care providers through over 200 company-owned hearing care centers and a network of over 1,900 affiliated providers, has

Open Question: Have you ever done housecleaning as a job?
I have been desperate to find another job to make ends meet and have applied to literally over 60 places in my town. I finally got a call back to clean a 4200 sq ft home as well as two 3 bed 3 bath condos. They are providing the cleaning supplies… I am excited to finally be making some money but don’t have experience cleaning homes professionally. I was just wondering if someone who has been in this job field could provide me with some tips so that I don’t look clueless or like I don’t know where to start. What are your methods of being efficient when cleaning?

Open Question: My baby is 3 months and has a very unusual sleep pattern. Is this safe? Please Help!?
Okay last night she was up from like 5pm and she didn’t go to bed until 2am. She was her normal self playing, and cooing. But, she didn’t wake up until 11:30 am this morning. She usual gets up for a bottle at least. She ate and went right back to sleep at around 12:30pm.. She just woke up at 2:30pm. Is this safe? Also, there isn’t any signs of problems because when she’s up she’s normal!

Open Question: I can’t sleep! Help me!! Natural sleep aids or pill idk?
I am a 20 yr old college female. Since school started it has gotten harder and harder for me to get to sleep. Monday night was it I couldn’t get to sleep till 4 am and had an 8 am,slept through the alarm and woke up at 11 am. It has been this way for 2 nights now I can’t keep going like this. I have midterms coming up next week and without 8 hrs of sleep a night I don’t function well. I get in bed around 10 or 11 and try to go to sleep and just lay in bed for hours in the dark. Is there any over the counter meds I can take or all natural or whatever?

Open Question: Am I wrong to ask 12, 14 and 17 year old to do these chores to help out?
The 12 year old – to load up the dish washer every night, take the trash out, make his bed and help his dad to clean the windows once a month. The 14 year old – put the dishes away, put washing from the machine into the dryer, help bathe the two and three year old with her 17 year old sister(They only do it friday night not every night) and to make her bed and fold washing. The 17 year old – to help cook dinner, help bathe the two and three year old with her sister(Again only friday night), ironing washing, make her bed, dusting and vacuming. She also helps me get the younger children dressed and fed (she butters toast and pours milk on cereals) in the morning but I get them up. She just makes sure the 6,7 and 8 year olds are ok and dressed properly. I asked this in the teen and preteen section but I got called lazy and not doing my job as a mum. My husband and I have 12 children aged 17, 14, 12, 8,7,6 4 year old twins, 3, 2 and 6 month old twins. My husband works long hours and works nights one week a month. I’m the one that drives everyone around, I do dusting and cleaning when the kids that are at home with me are napping so the 17 year old doesn’t do it all. I don’t just sit all day like people think I do.

Open Question: Worst thing she’s ever done to me. Should I dump her?
My gf and I were just getting over a fight. I took her out for sushi and then to a bar for drinks. She was extremely distant, moody, cold, mean and insulting the entire night. When we got back to her house she told me she had to work the next morning and that she’d get better sleep if I didn’t stay over (the first time this has ever happened in 3 months. i always stay over). I was drunk, but she didn’t seem worried about me getting a dui or in an accident. she then called me as i was walking to my car and asked me to come back and hang out a little longer. i was pissed, but i went back thinking she may have realized what she did. after no more than 10 minutes she said she was going to bed and kicked me out again. I’ve never been so angry with anyone’s selfishness, let alone someone who’s supposed to care about me. i haven’t spoken with her since saturday. she texted me yesterday but i gave her single-word replies until she got the hint and left me alone. should i call and confront/break up with her or should i keep blowing her off until she calls me and try to work it out?

Open Question: i am hoping…but mother knows best…advice moms!??!?
Okay! I need some advice! From mothers or TTC ladies!! LMP- February 14th. Had Sex on February 19th, 26th.(unprotected) February 27th: I had horrible cramps all day March 1St : woke up with VERY sore breast breast…nipples beyond sensitive. I couldn’t wear anything. March 2: I had slight cramps. Boobs not as sore. And diarrhea. Also, had unprotected sex. After sex…i had a little brownish color in my thong March 3: around noon became extremely tired. And wanted to sleep. When I got off work @ 5 I had some more brownish/pinkish in my thong( nickel size both times) I went to bed at 7 and didn’t wake until 6 for work this morning. Today: so far no “spotting” today. But lost of watery discharge. Still very tired. And just wanna sleep. I don’t start un March 14th. What do you think? Too soon? Over thinking? What? I mean I cant exaggerate the blood in my thong lol Im not crazzzy

Open Question: Is there any other reason why this would happen to someone?
I’m 16 years old and a couple of weeks ago, something really weird happened. Ok, so me and my 17 year old sister were smoking hookah, and we smoked for about an hour, and my head started to hurt like hell. Usually when I smoke, my head doesn’t hurt, but I figured it was because of my diet. I hadn’t eaten anything that day, or the day before or the day before that except 2 cups of coffee. Anyhow, so I decided I’d take a bath because I figured the headache would leave. So I let the water run, and I opened the heat in my house, and after about 20 minutes I returned to the bathroom. As I was about to close the door, I realized I couldn’t see anything, everything was a blur, I dropped to the floor and I began to shake like crazy for about 3 minutes. I felt like vomiting but I didn’t. I couldn’t get up or get myself to scream for help. I had no power in me. Anyways it all went away after a few minutes and I got up, and washed my face and fell into bed to sleep. I think this happened because of the combination of not eating, smoking, and hotness from the heat. Any other possibilities? Any other reason why someone would drop to the floor and shake?

Open Question: By looking at back of carpet, can I tell if it has been laid down already or if is brand new?
Carpet store is nearby, has strips and pieces out by trash collection sometimes. I brought home 3 different kinds. Goal is for them to help insulate bottom of water-bed frame. None of carpets have maker’s names on back. One carpet has smooth back, a cotton feel to the back. Another has visible and touchable net pattern that sparkles in sunlight. Like maybe this had been glued once and later pulled up?? A third has a rubbery back that is sort of smooth, though the net pattern can be seen and felt, and has brown paper stuck to back, looks like part of original wrapping. On fronts of all three, sculptured pile looks fresh and unused. My main concern is using carpet that will not have nails and so won’t make holes in New water-bed! Thanks for thinking of this, and for any answers.

How The Governor Spends Money – WGRZ TV

March 3, 2009

How The Governor Spends Money – WGRZ TV
As the state battles increasing economic troubles, word comes that Governor Paterson gave raises to his executive staff and spent thousands of dollars on refurbishing the executive mansion. The governor maintains the raises were because he actually

Better Bedding closing some stores in Conn., Mass. – Danbury News-Times
EAST HARTFORD, Conn.—Better Bedding Inc. has filed for bankruptcy protection and shut down 11 mattress and bedding stores in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Company president Tom Wholley tells The Hartford Courant that 15 employees have been laid

Paris Blues Appoints Stone America as Exclusive Licensing Agent – Yahoo Finance
Paris Blues Collection to Include Apparel, Apparel Accessories, Health and Beauty, Jewelry/Watches, Eyewear and More! EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J., March 3 /PRNewswire/ — Stone America Licensing, LLC ( ), one of the nation’s leading

Millions Of Americans Tossing And Turning – CBS News
If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may be among the nearly one-third of Americans who are losing sleep because of personal finances, job fears, and the nightmarish state of the economy . According to a new poll by the National Sleep

DirectBuy clubs of Chicagoland provide tips on designing the ‘perfect – PR Inside
2009-03-03 21:22:49 – While in the past, a parent yelling, ‘Go to your room!’ may have been some sort of punishment, nowadays it could pass as a reward, depending on the design and furniture selection your child’s room. DirectBuy, the leading home

Kmart(R) Partners with WWE(R) to Promote 25th Anniversary of – Yahoo Finance
HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill., March 3 /PRNewswire/ — Kmart® has partnered with World Wrestling Entertainment® (WWE) for a multi-channel entertainment marketing promotion supporting the biggest WWE event of the year – the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania

Open Question: Please help, FASt!!!!!!!! Plzz?
I jumped on my bed really hard ( spliting the wood :|) and ever sinse the lower left of my back hurts so much!!! How can i cure it fast? & wat shuld i say 2 my mum tommorow to get off skl cos of it? Ty Im 14 i jumped on my bed due to anger, & shes in bed atm. Lol its 10:50. It hurts so badf

Open Question: Depo provera and passing tissue?
Okay so ive had two shots and lately ive been passing tissue this happend a few months ago too it just looks like tiny little shreds of pink and ive been bleeding this pinkish light to heavy red blood for three weeks! also my hips have been hurting soooooo bad and my thighs cramping only when i walk? and somedays it feels like my bones are shattering! i dont know what to do my mom is making me get my third shot in two weeks i want off this stupid shot so bad its messed up my body so bed and all my veins are showing like crazy and ive gained 6 lbs and my boobs have juped 2 cups!!! is this all the shot? has anyone had this? do i have to get it?

Open Question: What the Hell did my dream mean?
It began with me looking at myself in dream sequence sleep in real life. In the dream I was in a world similar to my own in terms of setting in the real world. I am not sure, but while my dream self was watching my real self sleep. My real self was aware of this and both of us did not know we were 1 in the same rather we believed we were 2 different people. Then all of a sudden the ground broke in my dream sequence self and I began to levitate downwards in a controlled fashion downward and the setting in my dream sequence similiar to that of my real self changed. While, levitating the background setting changed in that you can not see any 3D images and it was all in psychadelic tiedie colors, like in the 60’s. Also, music, which turned out to be jizz in my pants was playing in the background. When I landed from levitating downward I seemed to cross into another dimension, a tie die world. Then from out of nowhere I was wearing a poncho and Jesus appeared to me. He was wearing sunglasses and a top hat and underwear and that was all. Then he reveled to me that I have AIDS. In real life I am not religious or do not have AIDS, so I do not know what could have triggered this in my dream. Then all the tiedie inhabitants of this world appeared to me and I saw a tiedie version of Marilyn Monroe appear as well. Everyone started dancing including myself. Then the ground broke again and rather than levitate in control. This time only I began falling into a dark abyss that followed the drop from a tiedie precipise into a dark one. While, this was happening another song played in the background and it was Devotchka’s How This Would End. Luckily, on the bottom a conveniently placed bed broke my fall and I looked up and saw a trace of the tiedie world close up and from out of the darkness a very large figurehead of a creepy old woman appeared to me and said, she was going to get me and laughed menacingly. Then on the bed I retraced what I had gone through and it brought me back to my 2nd self (my real self) sleeping. And saw a weird lady in my room as I was my sleeping self and then I woke up and nothing was there, but I had recollections of my dream and dream self. What the hell does this mean?

Open Question: Combine them in bed……?
girl: Sun sag, Venus aquarius, Mars aquarius, Asc aries. boy: Sun sag, Venus sco, mars pic, asc dont know. ans plzzzzzzz.

Open Question: For those who know their old music videos i need help!?
alright so this was back in the day i think it was around 1994 – 1997 ish and was wondering if anybody knows the video im about to describe…. so this is going to be pretty choppy but this is what i remember: there was a couple ready to get married they were dressed up to get married the bride was seen running through a feild with tall grass or something like that they went to the airport i guess they went on their honey moon and then there was the scene where the man and the wife were laying in bed somewhat naked .. and then all of a sudden a circle appears on the womens belly and a skeleton of a baby pops out .. this has haunted me ever since and its bothering me that i cant find out what this video was about if anybody knows please help me out thanks

Specialty sleep exec expects category to 'reawaken' in next few years – Furniture Today

March 3, 2009

Specialty sleep exec expects category to 'reawaken' in next few years – Furniture Today

Specialty sleep exec expects category to 'reawaken' in next few years
Furniture Today, NC
In contrast, innerspring mattress units declined by "only" 9.8%, meaning that specialty sleep apparently lost market share to conventional bedding. Read did not dispute the reported decline of specialty sleep units. "I can believe that 21% decline," he

Emergency Shelter Open – Bay Net

Emergency Shelter Open
Bay Net, MD
Food in general and especially for special diets as it may not be available at the shelter. – Sleeping bags, blankets and pillows as bedding is not provided. Cots are to be provided by the American Red Cross. – Personal hygiene items and a change of
Emergency Shelter open tonight for those affected by winter storm Powhatan Today
Winter Shelter Emergency Extended For Cincinnati WCPO
Cold shelter open, needs help
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As beds rise, pets fall – San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle

As beds rise, pets fall
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA
The Wall Street Journal recently ran a story about a "new problem" affecting dogs across the country and cited the bedding industry's sky-high beds as the culprit. It seems that as beds get taller, dogs are taking it squarely in the hips,

Keeping A Furless Ferret Warm –

Keeping A Furless Ferret Warm, CA
A: Even a furless ferret produces body heat, so you should be able to cover her with bedding or place a lot of bedding in her cage. I like to use old sheets for this, because they don’t fray and are easy to clean. If supervised, you can try putting a

Select Comfort Postpones Announcement of Fourth Quarter and Full … – MarketWatch (press release)

Select Comfort Postpones Announcement of Fourth Quarter and Full
MarketWatch (press release)
Based in Minneapolis, the company designs, manufactures, markets and supports a line of adjustable-firmness mattresses featuring air-chamber technology, branded the Sleep Number(R) bed, as well as foundations and bedding accessories.

New baby? Find luxury crib, nursery bedding at Pioneer Linens – (press release)

New baby? Find luxury crib, nursery bedding at Pioneer Linens (press release), TX
West Palm Beach retailer of luxury bedding, bath essentials and more, Pioneer Linens, has distinctive nursery bedding and crib blankets that make wonderful baby gifts for the new child in your life. Add a charming touch to any baby nursery with

Next time you tuck your kids into sleep with the old saying, “Sleep – Palm Beach Post

Palm Beach Post

Next time you tuck your kids into sleep with the old saying, “Sleep
Palm Beach Post,  United States
They are spread mainly by clothing and baggage of travelers and visitors, secondhand beds, bedding materials, furniture, and laundry. The mature bed bug is a brown- to mahogany-colored, wingless insect. Next time you go to a hotel or sleep over a

Open Question: Am i doing enough..,?
To look after my face? I wash with clearasil deep pore foam wash and then moisturize with johnsons holiday facial moisturizer every morning and just berfore i go to bed. Is this enough? Or should i be doing more? Also, my skin still feels really dry.. can anyone reccomend any products that worked best for you? Thanks

Open Question: I Would Love To Hear Your Opinion. (: READ!?
There’s this contest at my school, I was wondering which poem you guys liked better, if either of them are any good at all, and if I should enter. ***** Yes, I know they are both sad, the contest is about 9/11/01. Poem #1: I could’ve never imagined what would happen; When I called in sick that day, I didn’t know that those buildings would fall, That those planes would cause so much pain. I never dreamed that all of New York, Would be devestated in so many ways; All those innocent lives; Lost as the buildings went up in flames. As soon as I heard the news, I turned on the T.V., I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, As the horror unfolded before me. My loved ones worked in those buildings; My best friends office was on floor twenty – three, I don’t understand why anyone would do this; It could’ve easily been me. I replayed the image from the television; Over and over in my head; While planes crashed into my office; I had decided to stay in bed. I wish with everything I had, That I could change that one day in time; I feel so lonely and helpless, I never got the chance to say goodbye. Poem #2: Daddy, last night I saw you, For the first time in forever it seems, But then I woke up, And it was all just a dream. I keep on forgetting, That you’re not here, And when I remember, I can’t stop my tears. I wanted to show you my drawing today, I drew me, you, and Mommy, We were at the lake. I asked my teacher, If we could send it to you; But she knows what happened on nine eleven; And she said she didn’t have the address to heaven. You’ve been gone for two years now, And still haven’t come home, Why did you leave me and Mommy all alone? I looked at the pictures of me and you together, I remember how you; Were the greatest daddy ever. You’ve been gone a long time now, And me and Mom still miss you. How come when you went to heaven, You didn’t take us with you? You’re still gone now, And I’m still sad, But now Mommy’s better, So it isn’t so bad. I still wish you, Could come back and visit, I shot the winning basket today, You shouldn’t have missed it. I’m twenty five now dad, And thought I should say, I wish you were here, I’m getting married today. This is my special day, The one you always wanted to see, Hopefully, up there with God, You have a good seat. I wish you could walk me down the aisle, But I know I’ll see you again, In just a little while. I love you Dad, And I want you to know, I still leave the lights on at night, Just in case you decide to come home. *****I’m sorry it’s so long!! Thanks for reading and helping me! (: gummybear1772: how do you know mine didn’t? and btw, my best friend’s dad did. thanks. (:

Open Question: Physics question? Friction?
A 31km block rests on the bed of a truck going down a 13.5 degree incline. If the truck is decelerating at 1.25m/s^2 determine the minimum coefficient of friction between the bed and block for it to not slide forward in the truck bed. Thanks to anybody who is able to offer assistance, +10 points.


Open Question: does anyone know the meter of the song “empty bed blues”? by bessie smith?
and form if you know..

Open Question: Toddler bed???????????????
What age is the best age or the average age to move your baby from the crib to a toddler bed or if the crib converts to do that?

Open Question: What colour should I decorate my room, which has one wall painted bright orange?
I am thinking of what colour I can coordinate for curtains, bed, desk and other furniture that wouldn’t clash with orange. Any ideas?

Open Question: what are some good teqniques for my boyfriend to last longer in bed?
the problem is, he ejaculates too quickly and needs a little help. got any techniques he can try?

Open Question: My guy is starting to drive me nuts?
I spent the weekend with my boyfriend and he drove me nuts. He punches me and flicks me and slaps me playfully. (He doesn’t abuse me it isn’t hard). He also tickles me ALL THE TIME. I HATE being tickled and I tell him that 20 times A DAY! He doesn’t listen he insists on tickling me. When he went home sunday night I was SO happy. I could lay in bed and just read a book with out being tickled and flicked. I have told him over and over again to stop doing that stuff but he wont. When he left I told him again and he just blew me off. On top of that he would rub my stomach and say “I can feel the baby kicking.” I AM NOT PREGNANT! and I am not fat at all I am a model. So I don’t know why he said it. I told him it hurt my feelings because it was like calling me fat. But he said he it was just a joke. And then he did it again a few hours later. WHY WOULD HE DO THAT?? What does that mean? (oh and incase you need to know there is no way I could be pregnant)

Open Question: how can i get my 1

March 2, 2009

Open Question: how can i get my 1 year old cat to like my new 6 wk kitten?
Ok we’ve had our cat for almost a year now. She is one of the most loveable calm cats I have EVER seen. She gets along with everyone and loves to play. She has a great personality. We decided to get a new kitty. She’s only 6 weeks old and also has a great personality. And being so young she likes to play a lot. We slowly tried to introduce them but our older cat(Steak) just growls and hisses. The little one (Bacon) just looks at her with these cute little eyes, like she couldn’t understand why Steak was angry. After we seperated them and left it alone for a while. We even gave both of them baths. (Seperate baths of course). After they dried up and we warm again we tried on more time. This time Steak got so angry not only did she hiss at Bacon but she hissed and tried to swipe at my husband. We gave her time out in her carrier and every time the kitten was in visual she’d growl. What should we do to help them like each other? Steak is now under the bed and won’t come out.

Open Question: Little Sister’s Nightmare: BIG GREEN FROGS!?
My baby sister (2 yrs) has been waking me up in the middle of the night (always around 5:00 to 3:00 in the morning) screaming and crying outside my door. When I ask her what’s wrong she screams, “There’s a BIG green frog upstairs and its scary!!” (Back Round: my baby sis is incredibly smart) So I let her sleep in my bed. I’ll ask her what happened in the morning and she’ll say that it scared her and it hops around on the stairs so she can’t get downstairs to our parent’s bedroom. She starts to be afraid to go upstairs because she thinks the big green frog will scare her. What do I do? My parent’s and me both are stumped! She also claims there’s a spider too and I really want to get to sleep, HELP!

Open Question: where is a good place to find girl teen bedding besides jcpenny target walmart and bed bath and beyond?

Vintage bedding

Open Question: What will make her happy?
My friend is in some deep trouble. She’s been cutting herself for a month or two because it takes away the pain. She wakes up in the morning unhappy, she goes to bed unhappy. She’s unhappy all the time. Now she’s thinking about committing suicide. On her list of things that make her happy, all but two are gone. Her horse was sold, and her boyfriend, who she was so scared of losing, left her. I’m trying my best to help her, but it seems like the only way this can be resolved is if we can find some more things that make her happy. Oh yeah she’s gone to a professional. Her parents know she cuts. She goes to a therapist. But the main problem still seems to be finding something that’ll make her happy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

are all psychopaths bed wetters after the normal age?

Open Question: How to keep my 8 year old in bed when I have tried everything else….?
My daughter is 8 years old and has Lyme Disease. She is also being treated for ADHD. She has been doing wonderful since she has been back on her antibiotics other than bedtime. The catch is she only seems to have issues on Sunday night. The last 3 Sundays she has decided she is not going to go to bed. She had been taking Benedryl to help at night until this past Monday. All this week she slept just fine. We have a set bedtime of 8:30 Sunday through Thursday and 9:00 on Friday and Saturday. I read to her only if she is in bed on time. We have quiet time before bedtime. She takes her medicine, gets a drink, brushes her teeth and goes to the bathroom before bed. When she walks out of her room I have tried not speaking to her and just walking her to her bed or pointing and shutting her door behind her. I have tried rewarding her in the morning if she goes to bed and of course out of complete frustration I have yelled and threatened. I have tried these methods continuously over time before going on to the next one. Anymore suggestions???????????????

Open Question: random survey: what time(s) do you…?
normally get on yahoo Q&A? and why? lol. me- late at night before bed, because i have nothing else to do before bed 😀